Lithium Battery

When creating this car we knew it had to be powered by lithium batteries. The Eco Battery solution brought everything together. Through this partnership we have installed 105ah 48v batteries in all of our cars!

PMSM Motor

VIVID EV combines Lithium power with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) drive system to produce one of the most efficient neighborhood electric vehicles on the market.

LED Headlights

The moment you turn this car on the headlights capture you with the LED running lights! Perfectly situated on a clean, crisp front body it is unlike other neighborhood electric vehicles. 

Rear Seat Kit

Finally a rear seat kit that was made for the car! This rear seat kit is spacious and comfortable. With cup holders and extra storage for your phone you won't mind riding in the back. 

As an added bonus the seat flips open to allow for all the bags to go to the neighbors house! Even more amazing is the cooler that is hidden in the rear seat kit.