About Us

Vivid EV offers a range of neighborhood electric vehicles that are powered by Lithium batteries. Over the years the retail customer for golf cars has exploded, bringing huge growth opportunities.

Since we have seen a slow transition to offer lithium Neighborhood Electric Vehicles we decided to dive into the market. While the golf market has declined over the years many people have started to enjoy the use of golf cars for other avenues!

Many towns are now allowing modified golf cars to be driven on roads creating a path for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles to serve in the transition to micro mobility. By utilizing the advantages Lithium batteries offer you as the customer receive piece of mind knowing you get longer range between charges and no battery maintenance! 

Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida we also bring a fresh approach to selling these vehicles by creating a connected dealer network that allows you the customer to build the car you want and buy it online in only a few minutes.  We then work with our dealers to fulfill the order to get it to you as soon as possible.